XLarge ● Bless You long sleeve t-shirt

Xlarge, I want to thank you for carrying the torch for real streetwear. How could we find the right path without you?! We would be lost in seas of copycats and wannabes that put forward price tags instead of concepts.

Back in the day, towards the end of the 80s, when streetwear was talking loud to an underground elite of rebels, one of the most common ways to develop designs was to take a sort of revenge against messages that were trying to brainwash the population. All this with a sprinkle of fun and a healthy “I don’t care” attitude.

This often happened with an established logo seen over and over that became something completely different. This is exactly the case with today’s post about Bless You long sleeve t-shirt. Don’t you think that this tee is inspired by a common object that you have seen before? That box of tissues laying on the table forever is the starting point of a design that worships the power of imagination, redefining the world around us. Let’s not forget that in this historical moment all we need is to be blessed so the name of this item couldn’t have a better timing.

In what seems a common practice these days, sleeves become a crucial spot to print, stealing all the attention. Imagine rocking this item with your freshest vest in a couple of months: may you envision something more contemporary, crisp and captivating?

Beside the print on the back the same logo on sleeves can be found on the chest, telling the world where your heart is: together with this iconic streetwear brand. Not many can claim to their name a founder that was part of Beastie Boys like Mike D and this is written in streetwear history books.

Time to give back to the architect that created the whole movement: if a brand was born in 1991 and it is still there doing his thing (and doin’it well) is probably more solid than what you see in your favorite blogs. Get familiar with this worldwide cult (that also includes a solid Japanese fanbase) through XLarge website. Only for individuals that want to stay blessed by any means.

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Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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