XLarge ● Night Club long sleeve

Pioneer of the streetwear game, as a recent Instagram post of Ocularge may confirm, the brand XLarge saw the light of day in 1991, when creativity and freedom of expression counted way more than “peeping what other brands do”. This shows streetwear in its true essence, when all you wanted was to be an individual and the last thing that crossed your mind was to conform.

Staying true to such original formula, this item is all about having fun, just like you would do in a night club. I dare to think that the formula that this tee is proposing us is an imaginary nightlife spot where women are easy and weed has the right flavor, as long as you have the wallet that goes with this situation. Who is ever going to say no to such combination?!

Forget 50 “In the club” when you look at this XLarge long sleeve t-shirt. Think rather A$ap Rocky “Wild for the night” because this is what this item is all about. There are currently restrictions due to the global pandemic for what concerns clubbing of any kind, but streetwear fans and clubbing go hand in hand just like rolling papers and buds. I used a metaphor based on weed for Night Club Long Sleeve tee because, reading between the lines, this is what a design of a cute girl with green lipstick suggests me.

This item has a small print on the front and a large one on its back. I see this worn with a open jacket or shirt, just to look like someone that is wearing a white plain shirt, taking your homies by surprise when you take your top off.

In order to make an impression and look different from the rest of the crowd, there couldn’t be no better way than rocking XLarge, a brand that is not even distributed in Italy. Get a taste of authentic streetwear, copping this tee and all the rest of the items that get your thumb up directly from XLarge Los Angeles.

One day clubs will open their doors again, so you’d better be ready to wild out…

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Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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