XLarge ● S/S Panel Tee

Let’s make one thing clear from the start: I am ok with evolution. That doesn’t mean that I forget my roots and discredit what happened in the past: I am truly aware that originators of the streetwear phenomenon paved the way for what happens today. Outcome: I like both old and new styles and I live perfectly comfortable with this scenario.

XLarge is one of the first to be part of a crockpot of brands that were an alternative to conventional casual apparel, actually taking a stand and meaning something. You may be too young to remember but a few decades ago streetwear wasn’t popular like it is today and just wearing a hoodie and a beanie made you a sort of outcast, someone that differs from the rest of the crop because of an alternative culture and unconventional needs.

This approach manifested its peak at the beginning of the 90s when a common way to express who you were was to wear a flip of a popular logo. Some may remember Jovontae Turner deck that looked like a Chiquita Banana or a Keith Hufnagel deck that had Huf written like it was an Ups logo. This is exactly what got me hyped on my culture and seeing that XLarge is using such plot to design this S/S Panel Tee gives me a genuine wide smile.

Back in the 90s there was this wave, that took mostly hip hop fans and skateboarders worshippers of the World/Blind/101/Menace camp, where you had to dress in Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica and Helly Hansen to name a few. In that period the ones that were eager to catch up on this trend fell in love with Ralph Lauren new line: Polo Sport.

XLarge pays a tribute to that magic era with a one of a kind irregular color block tee. Those that don’t know just see a cut and sew item with bright colors while someone that lived that era sees a whole movie of beats, rhymes and skate life. Thanks a lot for bringing streetwear back, XLarge! Join the movement: this tee is not out yet but it will soon. In the meantime XLarge website is ready to make a revolution in your closet.

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