XLarge – EST OG snapback + OG Gorilla t-shirt

I can’t put in words how psyched I am to have on The Maxiemillion a couple of items by Xlarge today. Why do I say so? This brand may be new to you but it was founded in 1991 and in my younger days if you owned an Xlarge piece you were considered the king in your crew. If you want to start to figure out for yourself the flavor of this brand, you should start with this video. XLarge was born by a vision coming from Mike D from the Beastie Boys that sparked the idea of a new brand. Considering that in those years the Beastie Boys were considered semi-gods by the skateboard population of the planet, you may start to understand the actual value of this brand to my eyes. Born before the internet, this made the availability of the XLarge brand extremely rare at the time so I always wanted something to wear with that gorilla but it just didn’t happen back then. Fast forward to 2015 and the brand is still in good health. It was at the latest Bright Tradeshow that I had the pleasure to meet the CEO Matt Breen. While we talked about the good ole days, I had the chance to check the collection and I was really impressed. Aren’t you impressed by Francesca T wearing the EST OG snapback and the OG Gorilla t-shirt? These pieces and much more are available on Xlarge website, now that we are not in 1991 anymore and the internet is a worldwide reality accessible even from your smartphone… Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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