XLarge – LA Records snapback

As I told you in my other reviews of this brand, there ain’t no other OG in this streetwear game that has the longevity of XLarge. We are talking about a brand founded in 1991. Like this wasn’t enough, XLarge is blazoned enough to have Mike D of the Beastie Boys among its founders. With such a set up, it’s easy to understand that weak moves are left out of the book of the brand that now calls Los Angeles home. That’s why today we are putting our eyes on such a fine headwear piece. LA records snapback is its name and love for rebel music is its game. Check its embroidered logo closely. Don’t you think that, being born in that era, XLarge sampled for this snapback a style reminiscing of record labels like Sub Pop or Ruthless or Priority? It’s an effective way to pay a tribute to an unforgettable era in music: the 90s. But let’s go back on the subject of the cap that Mariafederica D is wearing. A snapback like this stays true to the gangster tradition of LA, paved by brands like NWA: all black with white embroidery. Belonging to the family of so called “structured five panels”, what set this cap apart from the rest is its really low crown that gives great results if we talk fit. This and many other caps are available online on Xlarge website (and they all slay!). Set yourself apart from clones with no taste: we have the real deal here. No need to bring back Tupac to show your California love with Xlarge! Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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