XLarge – XL Bubble hoodie

Master P back in 2001 said “I keeps it real-ah/’cos I’m all about my scrilla” but this is 2016 and I am The Maxiemillion so all I can say is “I keeps it real-ah/’cos I’m down with the Gorilla!”. Fortunately XLarge is never missing from my blog. It may be a matter of real recognize real, but when I first met at Bright Tradeshow the people behind this brand I was in awe to get actually in touch with this godfather of modern streetwear as we know it. This XL Bubble hoodie is without gorilla anyway. The design on this hoodie relied solely on the graphic strength of this pop art influenced logo whose impact is very strong. Blame it also on its color palette, considering that this shade of blue is a perfect background for such a vivid red. The hoodie that Anna H is wearing is custom crafted following the directions of the brand, it’s far from being a screen printed average blank. Peep its contact zig zag stitching and you will get the picture immediately. It’s a bit hot these days but a hoodie like this is forever like the Wu Tang. Wear it for those night missions when you are out till early morning or when it gets windy at a beach party and you will start to become friend with your Xlarge hoodie. I guarantee that this friendship will be so strong that next Autumn this bad boy will be beneath your windbreaker and during Winter I’m pretty sure that I will see its hood coming out of your bomber jacket. For real. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph

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