YBNB ● Ballin Mermaid + Golden Cheetah leggings

So today it’s Labor Day and I shouldn’t be “working”. How can I post a few pics and a text and “not work”? How about a post about some very unusual items for this territory, designed by someone that is real close to me? With this said, here I am to talk about a brand of a friend. A tight friend that lives in Berlin, Germany. Her name is Nana Bandana and her brand is YBNB. Don’t go crazy trying to come up with proper pronunciation and meaning of the concept behind this. It’s “why be an’ be” and it means Young Bold Naughty Bi**hes. Word on the street is that this acronym actually stands for Yarah Bravo and Nana Bandanna, the two friends that decided to venture in this deal. The most prominent hip hop female mc of the old continent together with her dear designer friend looked for a niche that could give justice to the connections of the first united with the creativity of the second. Nana went out fabric shopping and ventured in London for these two leggings: Golden Cheetah and Ballin Mermaid. Silvia B and Chiara NC are rocking here these Y.B.N.B. spandex leggings that prove that no matter if you are into fashion or a simple girl that likes to dress comfortable with taste, the rescue to your style comes from Berlin. Nana loves hip hop like I do, her whole life revolves around it and living in such a vital European Capital made her thirst for special and limited items a matter of life or death. Show support to this young brand that is all about love. Love to look dope, that is. Photo courtesy of Federico d’Amico.

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