Yelawolf – Live at Circolo Magnolia

I had high expectations on this live show. I was waiting for it for a few months since Luca Izzo, my connection over at Famous Stars and Straps told me about it and he added “Max, Yela live is so powerful you won’t believe it…”. So I could not miss this show for any reason. I filled a car with my homeboy Mario and my ever-present photographer Martina aka O’Graph and we went to Circolo Magnolia, one of the best venues in Milan for what concerns live shows. The place is packed with fans. No curious people or random dudes attending but motivated soldiers that can’t wait to sing along to the words of Yelawolf, their favorite member of the Famous Family. Our boy made it a long way from being a skater reject dropping rhymes in Alabama, to being a leader of a legion of fans all over the world. That night we had the chance to see what Yela is capable of. Dressed with a style that was among a terminator, a southerner rebel and a cowboy, he conquered the stage with the help of DJ Klever and a couple of other musicians such as a guitarist and a drummer. Dropping gems from all his musical production and keeping the public on his toes are not problems for Yelawolf. His show releases an massive amount of energy and his charisma on stage needs to be seen to be understood. The show is now over but the fans demand more. One quick sequel and you can call it a night. A night to remember for sure.

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