YNTS – 8 bit money bag snapback

I know, it’s almost a shame: how comes that this is an Italian blog and I never posted a YNTS item?! These four letters stands for You Need This Shit. You may have seen around their t-shirts and their caps in any rap/trap/electro party in Milan. This brand, following a work ethic that is simply by streetwear experts for streetwear experts, makes it real simple: when we drop a piece you can’t do nothing but… need it! The private label of Milan streetwear specialty store Borderline is making a name for itself by an effective word of mouth communication. This 8 Bit Money Bag snapback that Elisa G is wearing belongs to the headwear collection now available on YNTS website. I inspected this piece like I worked at Scotland Yard and I can tell you two things: first, the money bag is not stolen and second, the shape of the crown and of the visor are proper, exactly like me and you like it. The crown has the right size, not too tall not too short and the visor is slightly squared, like a modern snapback should be. This part that I just mentioned is made of alcantara, just to show everybody that wealth made you step your game up with these fine materials. This also means custom taping inside and an embroidery over the closure that looks ill when you wear your cap backwards. Considering that Christmas is close and they are making a special price these days on this item, I really don’t know what you are waiting for: you need this shit, don’t try to fool me…

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