YNTS – Duck Hunter snapback

The more I know YNTS the more I gotta recognize that there is a genius behind their concepts. The videogame vibe is cool by itself, as we already saw with their 8 Bit Money Bag snapback but here there is a deeper research that allows you to put together quite a few “conceptualized” outfits. Don’t you have seen around a massive resurgence of lumberjack styles with flannels and boots or hunter jackets with shoulder patches?! Tell me if this on the head of Iade G isn’t the perfect headwear piece to complete an outfit of this kind. Duck Hunter snapback is about spending time on a big sofa in front of an even bigger flat screen with a consolidated team of veteran gamer friends. YNTS ideal of a posse of friends is quite similar to yours as you can see. It’s not a surprise that this brand can get along easily with the things that you like: it’s in this way that it conquered Milan first and the rest of Italy is next. Fans of this brand stay loyal because here fun and accurate craftsmanship go hand in hand. The shape of this snapback is on point and so is custom internal taping and the embroidery and the micro label where the plastic closure is. Not a black cap this time but a navy blue one, to increase the value of its finesse. You can find this cap and the rest of YNTS collection on sale online on their website or at Borderline store. Are you ready to go out on a hunt of wack styles and uninspired streetwear fans?

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