YNTS – Hell Yeah 01 long sleeve t-shirt

Last installment of the YNTS saga called 4/20 capsule collection. Do you remember the other ill pieces that I posted? Conceptually speaking the Milan based clique that says that You Need This Shit wants to show the world their love for the ganja leaf. That’s why, as I explained you when we first saw this capsule, the whole thing revolves around the International Cannabis Celebration Day. Can’t we represent properly the stoner mindset with current flavor?! Nothing is fresher than a black long sleeve tee screen printed on the sleeves and on the back and YNTS knows this very well. You can find the whole family of friends that are hanging out together on the front of the snapback that shares the same name of this piece. Cockroach, pharmacy logo, the leaf, parental advisory logo and Stay Puft are all there representing the fun side of life. This Hell Yeah 01 long sleeve t-shirt that Elisa R is wearing is about those sensations that gets a serious enhancement once you puff regularly the above mentioned leaf. YNTS is defining a generation here with these items: the same social group that can be seen hanging regularly at Borderline Store. This means urban kids that are into the best streetwear brands and that want to enjoy to the fullest the club scene while they socialize with their friends… puffing that green. This t-shirt is here for those nights where you find yourself cruising through the city with a sleeveless jacket so you can give emphasis to those sleeves. I think that these dudes are right: you need this shit!

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