YNTS – Y.N.T.S. Haze Snapback + tank

If there is one adjective that fits the YNTS crew is “authentic”. I rarely have the chance to see them but all the people behind the brand that you keep on seeing in Milan parties and beyond was attending YNTS Soundclash on Sunday April 19th aka 4/19. But as you may know after midnight it became 4/20 that is both International Cannabis Celebration day and… Beccoman birthday. This guy, as I told you when we saw the I’m in love with the Choco tee, is the jack of all trades of this brand: man of the hour 24 hours a day. The 420 collection came out right after the party and I am proud to show it to you in these pictures of Jennifer N. May we consider it a gift that the brand gives to Beccoman? Beside its snapbacks, all the clothing items are made in Italy and you know that this is not so common in streetwear. Here we see two pieces: Y.N.T.S. Snapback and Y.N.T.S. tank. Less cartoonish and more black and white than previous items, these items look more obscure but once you check it closely the funny vibe is all there. The ganja leaf, the pharmacy sign, the skull and crossbones are the first logos that you may see but the true genius here is in that Salvador Dali quote and in Stay Puft. Mr Dali said that “we don’t do drugs, we are drugs”. This version of Stay Puft is probably victim of a “puff puff pass” game went wrong because he is really swollen but… he keeps on smiling. Guess why?! Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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