“Yo, aiyo, the Wally man’s coming, you can hear his chain dangle/brolic arm, check out the ankle” (Ghostface Killah)

We had a long history of pendants and chains related to hip hop. Back to Native Tongue family era (and of course before them Afrika Bambaata and the whole Zulu Nation) rocked ethnic pendants representing what is commonly know the motherland: Africa. Made mostly out of leather these pendants gave an afrocentricity to the hip hop movement that stick for a while. Later on when the wealthy side of life took over, we started to see on Tupac and Biggie (and of course before them Slick Rick and the wannabies biting his style) a quite massive amount of gold rocked in their outfits. Lil Cease double gold Jesus piece? You’re welcome. Later on gold turned into platinum, then it was time for red gold, then diamonds, then black diamonds and quite recently from what I’ve seen from my point of view anything goes. Fast forward to 2011 and Barbra Streisand, one of the most worldwide recognized smashin dancefloor hits, lets us peep all the NYC styles in its video clip. It’s at minute 1.24 that you can see how wood looks good on a chain. It’s a vintage feel but never before wood hit bigtime on chains but now this phenomenon is here to stay. Be funny, be religious or talk about what your culture is through wood. Is it the need to a return to the essence, the nature, the raw materials? Our friends over at Boma agency are now in charge of the distribution for Italy of Wood Fellas, this brand of wooden chains and laser etched pendants that has a more than a vast collection. Eco sustainable products, these accessories here are what you should rock on daily basis. It’s the message here that counts, not the cost. Style versus money. With subjects varying from comics to hippie, from rosary and crosses to b-boy culture designs their mission is quite amazing: everyone has the opportunity to find his personal style at Wood Fellas. I believe them, since what I had the chance to review is everything appealing to my soul: a cross and a cap. Spiritual and materialistic essence of what I am are here to be shown to the world. This is nothing but a smart way to increase the number of your fellow friends, starting from what you have on your neck. Conversations start magically when you rock Wood Fellas. Let the magic begin as soon as you can.

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