“Yo, I was born and raised in New York City, the home of the Yankees, the Jam Master Jay’s and the Biggie’s” (Ghostface Killah)

9fifties. You have seen them around. The sticker on the visor of these caps is not golden like that of 59fifties. Its color is red. Red like something really hot that has been on fire for long and this is actually the case for our champion cap. We will have a special week starting today: three posts about three different New Era 9fifties on the head of supamodel wondergirl Katia G. This one is called Tonal Snap NY Yankees. Bringing in the same vibe of those all black caps, this has a few differences: it’s dark navy blue and it has a white flag logo on the side and a grey visor, adjustable plastic strap and button. Those may be little details for you but make a huge difference for any New Era fan. Not a flashy cap for sure, this is the type of protection from sunrays for your dome piece that you want to wear with that special t-shirt, with that bright colored shirt or (could you imagine this?) with the jacket here below. Did you know that New York Yankees was the first baseball cap ever? The New Era company started to produce those caps back in 1920 and the first MLB teams including the New York Yankees got their own caps in the ’30s. Not a 9fifty for sure. The cap of said type that you see here is a kind of a cross among the shape of a regular 59fifty, especially in the front of the crown but it’s adjustable, it’s not a fitted cap. This makes it technically belong to a family commonly called snapback, so to say. What you represent when you wear this it’s up to you. From “clean guy and I need a cap” to “I rep east coast hip hop to the fullest” and everything in between, this cap is welcomed on every damn corner of the planet. Tell them that you’re down with Nas masterpiece “NY state of mind” or with the most recent “New York” of those notables called Ja Rule, Fat Joe and Jadakiss, but be ready to sing like Sinatra or Alicia Keys to show people that you know the deal here, just don’t get caught off guard, because such a cap doesn’t allow you to. Make sure you swing your baseball bat in the right direction, then.

Ti è capitato già di vedere in giro i caps 9fifty di New Era, vero? Sono come i fitted 59fifty in un certo senso (a livello forma) ma sono regolabili nella parte posteriore. Hanno uno sticker sulla visiera molto simile ma non è color oro, ma color rosso. Un colore che si adatta alla perfezione in quanto simboleggia il colore di qualcose che è stato sul fuoco a lungo, quindi estremamente hot. Oggi vediamo il primo di una serie di tre 9fifty di New Era che esamineremo insieme questa settimana, grazie all’aiuto gentilmente offerto dalla nostra Katia G supamodel. E’ un Tonal Snap NY Yankees quello che lei indossa e vi garantisco che in ogni angolo del pianeta, dal mega rap fan alla persona discreta che vuole portare un copricapo, tutti coloro che indossano questo cap sono bene accetti in ogni dove. Sappiategli rendere onore quindi e non fate passi falsi quando lo indossate.

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