“Yo Tip, I tell you man the devil’s tryin it/but I’m goin to stay strong cause I ain’t buyin it” (Phife Dawg)

I am down with Satan. No, not the enemy of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, I’m talking about the brand. More a tee shirt project than an actual brand, Satan is the most entertaining idea to ever land on a tee shirt in this part of Europe. The Satan posse made me join them at the lab one night, so I had the chance to take pics, have fun and even print a sleeveless denim jacket and a few “one of the kind” patches on an old camo fabric. The ad for these tees is already out on “Crackers“, you can find Satan collection online over at Move shop. Not the one above, sorry. Logo tees like this above are not out yet. Satan concepts are heavy social issues that show you what evil in society is, without supporting it at all. It’s rather a warning than an invitation. This logo tee is just a test and artistically speaking doesn’t reach the impact level of the other ones out yet. A fine blank tee from Alternative Apparel, the same brand that gave destroyed blanks for the production of a few Upper Playground tees I reviewed here in the past and les jeux sont faites. A very small ring around the neck and an ultra light tee shirt is what you get here. I don’t know if you’ve have ever been told how tee shirts get screen printed, so maybe this time I can show you something nobody showed you before. The visual process of the experience of screen printing is all up in a gallery on the Facebook page of this blog. Emotionally speaking it’s the best feeling, you get to wear something created by your work. Put the colour on the frame, pull it from side to side and lift the frame to watch the tee shirt that you just printed. It’s so funny to wear a tee shirt of this collection: people don’t get the message, their mind quickly scans the logo and in general you trick people into thinking you’re wearing a much more famous brand, but you’re not. Fun is the key of the whole Satan production. Marco RT, the designer over at Moka Ultra Pop Design responsible of these concepts knows well. It’s got to be funny but thought stimulating at the same time. Not an easy task these days but somebody got to do it and with Move shop as a back up you just can’t go wrong.

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