“You ain’t a real Daddy/next time you see my caddy don’t fu**in’ flag me” (Ghostface Killah)

The flag is the representation of what you are part of as a nation. It’s a quite unique thing if you think about it but we form a worldwide nation stretched all over the planet. No, I’m not talking about Italians: “we” in this case stands for “New Era fans”. We all browse the same websites and the same Facebook pages, we all take care of our style up to the details and we all look different but fantastic in our diversity. You can tell what a guy is into from his look, right? From a New Era cap you can tell a lot of things. Is it a snapback or a fitted? Is it well fitted on the head or it’s just layin’ there? Backwards? Visor flipped up? See? Everybody wears a New Era cap for his own reasons and puts its own twist in wearing it. Hence the claim “Fly your own flag” is more than appropriate. With a slight resemblance to the American flag, this is the quality seal of a cap whose reputation is solid as Madonna record sales through the years. This flag usually resides on the left side of your brain, I mean, cap. The idea is quite simple: let’s make this slide down and let’s make it land on the left shoulder. Simple yet effective: that same logo on your cap of the same dimension now has you repping that flag even on your tee shirt. How about repping in navy blue and yellow? Run at your local dealer now to inspect that pretty nice selection of New Era tees like this, otherwise you can always browse New Era website to cop your t shirt of choice, beside of all the great apparel that they have in stock.

Abbiamo capito nel tempo che i fans di New Era sono un po’ come una nazione. Si trovano nei 4 angoli del mondo ma sono accomunati tutti da una stessa bandiera: la New Era flag. Il logo di New Era che solitamente si trova sul lato sinistro dei cappelli che ci piacciono più di ogni altro, in questo post è andato a fare un giro, scivolando sulla manica di questa t shirt blu e gialla. Quando si ama un brand, non lo si rappresenta mai troppo, vero? Ecco quindi una delle tante t shirts che fanno parte della folta gamma che potete trovare nello shop online di New Era. Andate pure a sbandierare questa info ai 4 venti, non abbiate paura…

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