Move x New Era – Custom 59fifty

There is a lot to say about this item. And I mean it. Move new logo is a work of art for sure. You read Move and you think love. Who could come up with a design this brilliant, up to date & universal? You’re right: Luca Barcellona. Hyperproductive Italian genius that masters the arts of calligraphy & lettering, Luca blessed this solid entity that Move represents for Italian urban culture with a logo that speaks for itself. Beside being among the supporters of The Maxiemillion, this fine design ended up as you can see on a New Era 59fifty. No shop on this country that we call Italy ever had such a honour. You call it a cap, I call it a way of life. I have even seen a picture of a tattoo of the New Era flag, so when I talk about a shop having his own 59fifty, to my eyes it’s like a war medal. It was during last time that I attended Bread & Butter that I was discussing with Move’s own Fabio L the placement of the claim. “Responsive to your fit” had to be somewhere. A few positioning ideas came out but when I suggested to put it under the brim, Fabio had a twinkle in the eye like he was still listening to the Pharcyde. But since Move is responsive to your fit, you can find in his ears more recent music, I guarantee. Who brought this cap to New Era XC in Milan, the other day? Grandmaster Zeta in full swing. The other half of Move. I got mad love for Zeta. He’s an avid reader of this blog and he’s a silent warrior, my exact opposite. From old school to electro remixes, he knows it all. Wanna test him on a classic house mix that he did just for fun last summer? It’s here. You may have seen already this cap on Evidence cranium at the Dilated Peoples live they had in Padova, Italy last saturday. Word of mouth says that they were psyched on it. I have this cap for a week already and you think that this post is old? It’s funny, because I took pictures of the sample last May, did a post here and Fabio kindly asked me not to make it public, to remove it because it wasn’t the right time. Exactely one of the points that we talked about at Blue workshop. The cap is new now, why do you have to think that it’s old?! You’re right, it’s one week old…


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