“You can move if you wanna move/What it prove/It’s here like the groove” (Public Enemy)

It’s good to go shopping sometimes. I’m not talking about a checkout of an online shopping cart. It’s good to drive your car, look for a parking spot (this is easy these days, august here in Italy is holidays time) and walk to the store. It’s also good to shop at Move aka Vibrarecords (old school name) if fresh and new are the keywords of your hunting. Once the headquarter of the most respected hip hop record label and record store for vinyl fiends, nowadays the things changed a little bit. Less music and more clothing. Not because the love for the music is over. It can’t be that way if one of the owners is the dj that goes by the name of Zeta. Not at all. It’s just that Fabio L, that we once met in our inspection at the Industrial studio, brought flavour by the pound to what is the actual Move state of things. When I talk about flavour by the pound I mean to pick up carefully what’s hot and what’s not in the worldwide offer of the endless list of brands that you see everywhere. Situated in the heart of the same city that once was home to Romeo and Juliet, Verona, Move offers you a service that is friendly and on point. How could it be different if their business card behind the counter is the above scenario of toys? New Era 59fifty for days in an endless choice and the related apparel. Kicks? Knock yourself out and try to decide if what you buy will match better with a Supra Society or with a Nike Sportswear Flytop of the finest leather. Wanna rock the freshest tees? To give you an example I took a pic of the Crooks and Castles corner and of The Hundreds corner but there are also Fresh Jive, Imking, Tits, Jeepney and Zoo York that are there for you to pick. What is the difference with online shopping? Fortunately I’m here for y’all. It’s an ancient game and it’s called “Try things on”. How’s the drop of that denim? Is it too large at the bottom if i wear it with those kicks? Is it too much if I wear all this together? Too flashy? The printing of the tee shirt is gonna make me sweat over my chest or is it light and breathable? Where are you gonna hunt today is up to you, but if what you see is what you (may) get, connect with Move before what you want is gone.

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