You wanna call me up? Take my number down It’s 222-2222 I got an answering machine that can talk to you (De LaSoul)

I was driving my car the other night and I had a notable guest that goes by the name of Gaspare Gentile aka King Gasp. Once he saw me talking on my celly he asked me how comes I don’t own an IPhone. The answer is simple: I don’t like it. How comes they shove in our throat everything they want and we just buy buy buy?! Where is the smart consumer?! The one that buys what he feels fits his life, depending on what his needs are. Do I really need a phone with no keys? Why?! The list of my friends with an Iphone is getting bigger and bigger, but I guarantee that my life is flawless even without it. So you want to keep up with these tough times where fashion is getting stronger than function? Pimp your ride, I mean… your phone! What we got here are state of the art accessories for your portable voice connection device. S2One is sharp as a samurai blade when it comes to clothing, so the bar is still high when, instead of cover your legs with premium denim concepts, it’s time to cover your phone. The phone case is made of engraved leather with a string the size of a shoelace that once you put the phone inside, you have to pull to take it out. Your baby is safe inside there, I guarantee. For those 24/7 on their phone deciding the future of economic universe, you don’t need to put it in your pockets anymore: let it hang like Posduos did with his leather medallion portraying the Motherland. This won’t help your lyrical skills but at least you save time putting your phone back and forth in your pocket. Ain’t a damn thing changed boy, hang it at your neck!


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