“You wanna front, what? Jump up and get bucked/if you’re feeling lucky duck then press your luck” (Jeru the Damaja)

Last instalment of Capital collection saga (third tee shirt, following the first and the second one). Shall I explain you what in this world is a buck yuck? Do you realy want me to get poetic about the expression “increase spiritual awareness” and rave about some nonsense in a typical way? No. Not this time. What I should tell you of course is that Capital collection is a project by Matix clothing that revolves around a “save U.S. manufactures” concept where American designers send their work in America and NOT in China for production, to have taxes paid in their motherland and not abroad. I won’t forget to tell you also that Matix here in Italy is available through Fresco Distribution and so I told you all the basics. What I’m about to tell you is that booze sells! No more tech sheets with boring datas, let’s get real on this. Put rasta colours on any shoe and it will sell. Same for booze. All the party subjects on t shirts sell well. People love to brag about their magical party powers. I won’t forget when, at a live concert in Paris, Xzibit told to the huge audience (he was opening for Eminem, go figure…): “I bet that nobody here can drink more than me”. What did he know? And again: is there anything to be proud of about drinking a lot? People that drink a lot spend a lot of money, those that get buzzed easily have money still sitting in their pockets. See? Plus drinking is bad for the health but they say that it’s good for the mind. Of course I’m talking about drinking alcohol but now that I look at the bottle closely I see that there is not a single alcoholic reference. There is a bottle there and I think it’s alcohol. Is it a bad sign? Did I cross the line already? What you should do instead is cross the line of a skateshop door and ask them to call Fresco and get some made in America gear like this. Otherwise you didn’t do your part and you didn’t help the salvation of Uncle Sam land. Don’t tell me that you like to spend your money on booze and you don’t care about tees because this means that you are wasting your time reading this. You gotta invest on them both: tees and booze.

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