“You won’t be around next year/my rap’s too severe, kicking mad flava in ya ear” (Craig Mack)

We are the Superlative Conspiracy is, like Prince would say, a Sign o’the Times, for the street/skate shop generation. They had some dope designs from the hands of creative people like Ray Barbee or Mode 2 and that Giovanni Reda is always reppin their brand at The Berrics, but people stuck to their Icon design around here. To my innocent eyes, WESC is the representation of what an average guy with almost no street knowledge would wear in my area, for the shock value to say to his friend “Look at my hoodie, I’m part of the gang now”. Beside personal tastes, and the message that doesn’t hit up the right people, gotta give it up to WESC for the success they achieved. What are they famous for, I already told you when we went to visit their Paris shop: headphones. Yes y’all, what WESC paved the way for is this simple concept: you dress in street code so you need a pair of headphones. Those box with headphones in, litterally flied by themselves to the counter to make you and the shop owners happy. You are in the street, happy to take the bus showing everybody that you don’t care, as long as you got your own sound saving you from bullsh*t tales that go around you. Even myself, now in front of my pc, I’m using a WESC tool to listen to some music. Say hello to the Kazoo, the pair of little earplugs that our amigos at All In shop passed to The Maxiemillion for a review. Earplugs are different form headphones for dimensions and appeal. In my opinion the latter is a tool a little bit too loud, while I like to whisper, so only the right people hear what I say, got me? I don’t need a loud statement to say to everybody that I’m into street stuff, only my friends need to know. This earplugs are just perfect, to say it all. Really little, with different interchangeable adaptable rubber covers all white, but realized in different dimensions, according to what your size of the ear is. You should have seen Kourtney Amber R here above trying the big one: it just couldn’t fit in her little sweet ear. What I used for the test is this mixtape of Dj Cheapshot featuring Get Busy Commitee, that I kindly suggest you to download if you like to give a try to people rapping over Bjork, Morrissey and The Cure. Uncle Max guarantees that this sounds right in my Kazoo.

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