“You’re blind babe/you’re blind from the facts on who you are, ’cause you’re watchin’ that garbage” (Flavor Flav)

This logo is history. So if history is the matter let’s flip the pages backwards for a minute. Enter Mark Gonzales aka The Gonz. Not to be confused with Rick Klotz new retro surf company, The Gonz is, as I told you already, the first pro street skater ever chronologically speaking. He was on Vision, had a few problems with Brad Dorfman, the boss man himself and quit. Steve Rocco was friend with Mark and at the time and he was starting his Word Industries deal out of a garage. They discussed about this so the whole new sub company deal started. Mark is an artist so he just had an inspiration to call the brand Blind. The reason is pretty obvious: I have no more vision, I’m blind now. Nowadays Mark doesn’t have any relationship with the brand anymore, but the logo is still there. Even Supreme fell in love with this logo. I can’t blame them: back in the day we were talking to no end about the best skater in Blind masterpiece video “Video Days”, trippin on how effortless was Guy Mariano skating, how stylish was Jason Lee, how crazy and innovative was Mark skating. I’m almost crying as I write. Did anybody say almost? This is not almost, it’s Blind. Nowadays Blind is part of Dwindle distribution under the same umbrella of Almost, Speed Demons, Darkstar, Cliché, Blueprint and Enjoi. Time has passed. In the meantime homies at Blast distribution are the local distributors for these brands. I’ve seen The Blind video a few months ago and it’s off the chain. Technically I may say without a doubt that Morgan Smith is the revelation all terrain machine that can drop hammers anywhere. Make it big or make it tech, this is a mission for Morgan. Oh yeah, Creager can skate tech stuff with a grace and a textbook posture that is rarely seen on a skate plank. We aren’t reviewing a video in here, are we? The review is about this tee shirt. This basic skate tee shirt with flashy colours and a logo that represents history. If you don’t know any of this history it’s still a funny tee shirt to wear just because. You may be fan with extreme Jake Brown or you may almost cry thinking of Video Days, but this tee is a must have it. Especially if you want to join the campaign “no more tight denims on skaters”. I made you look, you a slave to a page of my blog book!

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