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You may be a reader of this blog or you may stumble on this online magazine for the first time so let me pretend to write this post for the second option, for someone that “just likes this tee” but is not knee deep in this streetwear thing.

Zoo York is the purest expression out of New York City where graffiti writing, skateboarding and hip hop principles blend in organically in a streetwear form. Founded in 1993 this brand puts the accent on a skate lifestyle more influenced by the concrete landscape rather than the sidewalks surrounding a beach. As an outcome, while in California the originators of the skate culture find themselves skating the rails of perfect set of stairs of school campuses and picnic tables, Zoo York felt like skating with quick feet banked cellar doors and pushing with friends among skyscrapers was the real deal.

With such an heritage on its shoulders, Italian licensee Sem Manifatture developed a collection for next Fall Winter 20/21 season ready to give you the picture of what the brand from New York is all about.

Bally t-shirt plays a delicate game where it almost becomes a tribute to the original hip hop golden age approach. If back at the end of the 80s you had top MCs going to the Harlem tailor called Dapper Dan to have a taste of the good life with flamboyant outfits, replica of luxury brands, here Zoo York blinked an eye to that moment in time.

Laughing at the craze that makes you cop a Balenciaga t-shirt with the name of the maison printed all over your t-shirt for several hundreds of euros, here on Bally t-shirt this game gets flipped for better.

Zoo York tag logo gets repeated all over the tee and just one of them is embroidered. The cool thing is that if may be everywhere: on your right shoulder, on your chest or maybe on your back making your tee unique. Isn’t it what skateboarders did since day one: making fun of popular culture, making it much cooler?! Stay tuned because I have another preview from this collection to show you real soon…

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