Zoo York ● Bee hoodie

Zoo York is in the house. The brand that defines a lifestyle where skateboarding, writing and urban music converge is not new to The Maxiemillion. You may remember when I showed you last month Yo! hoodie with its premium terry cloth embroidery but this hoodie follows a radically different scheme.

While that was a form of tribute to Yo! Mtv Raps that included a remake of its iconic logo, this time Zoo keeps things in the family with a design based on its own logo and claims. If there was something that this brand did never missed was graphically progressive logos. It is no mystery that being Eli Gesner the man behind the wheel (read: “hands on the keyboard”), designs have always been sharp and with a strong connection with the streets.

These are the official logos of the brand nowadays that include the little Cracker logo with the Z and the Y intertwined. Here the designers opted for a little chest print but the key feature of this hoodie is another.

The intention of such design is evident: repeating its logo and its negative in a loop, just like it was a rap beat, it becomes a pattern to cover up the sleeve. I see this trend as a main traction in streetwear: the focus is now on the sleeves so it’s up to you to react correctly. Make sure your sleeveless vest game is correct so you can win any style war that you are facing.

This is the point when it comes to a brand whose roots are firmly planted in New York: you have to be fresh. Nothing to deal with the carefree vibe of Californian skate cousins, here you have to be on point to the last detail.

Just pay attention to the raglan cut of its sleeves and to the fat lace as a cord for the hood and tell me if Italian licensee Sem Manifatture didn’t operate correctly. Part of Fall Winter collection, it is available now in shops where bassline thumps are relevant and streets are still the main inspiration.

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Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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