Zoo York ● Big Roll t-shirt

The cat is out of the bag these days: Zoo York is in full effect. After the quick Italian tour of the Euro squad last weekend hitting Milan, Brescia and Bergamo the question now is: when will the new collection be out? You have to wait a couple more months, be cool.


The brand carrying the heritage of the graffiti collective The Soul Artists of Zoo York has a mission in mind that is as important as the conquest of a skate spot: passing the values that give birth to the brand to the new generation.

Bring it all back to 1993: a group of three skaters from New York realize that Manhattan plazas and Californian schoolyards don’t have much in common and this lead to the need of a new well defined identity. Called Rodney Smith, Eli Gesner and Adam Schatz, these guys find themselves in the middle of a cultural (r)evolution and Zoo York is the name that they chose to define such movement. Galaxies away from sunny Los Angeles, New York skaters move like rats do, looking for the next skate spot that nobody hasn’t skated yet becoming the brand that doesn’t do it better than everybody else: just differently.


Zoo York fame is quick to rise up not only because of its catchy name but also because of its crew members whose street credibility can’t be touched. So you could find Harold Hunter modeling for Triple 5 Soul, rather than Brian Brown hanging in the studio where Stretch and Bobbito broadcast their show on Hot 97. This lead to Futura lending its artistic touch for collaborative designs a couple of decades before the iconic street artist was collaborating with Off White.

In this great future you can’t forget your past, Bob Marley said, so this intro was mandatory before showing you this Big Roll tee, considering how much weight the Zoo York brand carry on its shoulders. This preview courtesy of Sem Manifatture, the official Italian Zoo York licensor is here to let you set the alarm: next Spring Summer Zoo York will take over the streets…

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