Zoo York ● Boros t-shirt

Isn’t it nice when you get to see an item before it hits stores? For me it’s the quintessential pleasure, to touch and feel an item before it’s available to the public. Sometimes I get lucky and I can get this opportunity when I have strong connections and with this Zoo York tee it is undoubtely the case.

Born in 1993 in the heart of the Big Apple, Zoo incorporated hip hop elements into a skate brand, creating a lifestyle that has been imitated but never equalled ever since. It is a brand that developed a sort of parallel identity compared to the OG Californian cousins whose easy living lifestyle didn’t match the metropolitan vibe of skating in traffic among skyscrapers.

Thanks to Italian licensee Sem Manifatture I am able to show you Boros t-shirt today, that will be delivered in a matter of weeks to Italian shops. Here the five boroughs of New York stack up in five different fonts to form a bright neon green block that has been printed on a Chanelesque tone of pale pink. What do you want to skate in New York? Flushing Meadows in Queens? Alphabet School in Staten Island? Bubble Banks in Manhattan or do you prefer Brooklyn Banks? Want to test your skills on the hard to get Ogden Bank To Ledge? This tee will make you welcome in every corner of the city.

With its color palette that show an approach highly influenced by graffiti artists that are never afraid of a daring combination, Boros is ready to look great when you are out with your filmer skating, just like at the club with the whole squad after a video premiere. It is just like the founders wanted their brand: ready for hectic schedules that incorporate any possibility that the city has to offer.

Complete with its woven label on the hem this tee awaits patiently the moment when you will cop it to live with intensity each and every chance that urban life gives you…

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