Zoo York ● Chrysler Tag Pop

Throw your hands up for Zoo York! The brand established in 1993 is ready for the upcoming Summer season and this t-shirt part of its new collection tells stories about skateboarding in the Big Apple.

A brand born out of the opportunity to skate marble plazas and banks that you can find everywhere in the city, Zoo was created originally as the East Coast answer to California dream. The original West Coast chill vibe doesn’t belong to a city whose hectic pace keeps you constantly on your toes.

Giving emphasis to the environment where the brand saw the light of day, here comes Chrysler Tag Pop t-shirt. With the unmistakable silhouette of Chrysler Building, one of the architectural icons of the heart of Manhattan, it is a visionary design that came to life signed by architect William Van Alen. Open to public since 1930, this skscraper represents the pride of being a Newyorker so there is no better way to celebrate it for Zoo York than to play pop art with its silhouette. Bright neon colors and a huge acid green tag are a way to make this tee ready for the streets.

It has been a few months where skateboarding hardware never had such a peak so it seemed just right to Italian licensee Sem Manifatture to bring it back to the origins: skateboarding. Representative of the new Zoo York approach to apparel, more focused on decks graphics and less on logos, this tee has a strong visual impact but there is more.

Don’t think of an average t-shirt: its jersey fabric is thicker in order to give it a much contemporary… retro appeal. This gives it a different fit in itself, a better drop that you need to try as soon as possible to evaluate it correctly.

With the same woven label on sleeve that we already saw on the last Zoo York tee that I posted, this one also has an internal stitched label, a refreshing detail that contributes to the 90’s retro feeling. Be on the lookout for this t-shirt: it is not out yet but will be available soon in the best Italian skateshops (in a limited quantity of course…).

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