Zoo York ● Crew t-shirt

Can you say “back like I never left”? We all have been through a tough couple of months so I thought that it would have been simply out of place talk about streetwear evolution with you, during those days. So it seems that with he first phase over, we can now think about roaming back on the streets and we need to express positivity also with the way we look.

Zoo York gave me an item that I couldn’t be any happier to post: Crew t-shirt. Now more than ever the importance of a group effort is under our eyes: stronger together is the motto and you can tell it with your t-shirt, that Sem Manifatture just delivered to shops. The Italian licensee of the iconic skate brand born in 1993 is doing a good job with items that can keep up (and excel) with the quality standard that you find in skate shops at a reasonable price.

Crew t-shirt is a little graphic jewel that borrows the same Old English font made famous by the early breakdance crews just like the first gang jackets that marked a cultural revolution in New York City. Such font went a long way up to inspire Joe Strummer and Malcolm MC Laren creating their t-shirts in such transitional period. I’m talking about early 80’s, when hip hop was “the new craze” and they were the first punks feeling the new energy coming from the Bronx in form of rap music.

The Zoo York crew members, as you can better understand if you read Eli Morgan Gesner interview on Slam City Skates blog, kept inspiring feeding off each other energy. A skate trick of a member of the crew inspired Eli to create an outstanding layout for a skate magazines, month after month.

Zoo York brand awareness grew globally day by day in this way. As a consequence there was by the end of the 90s a significant expansion of the apparel range, in order to let everybody free to represent this brand in the way he wanted. Be who you want to be, just don’t forget to do it with Zoo…

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