Zoo York ● Death Shadow t-shirt

If there is a thing that Zoo York did succesfully since the start was crossing over. Reaching out in order to bring a stronger collective lead this brand from the East Coast representing the city of New York to look beyond skateboarding. That lead to a lifestyle that involved graffiti and tagging, rather that being friends with the top hip hop DJs at the time following the hood logic of trying to make a mark, putting your name out, like the game is supposed to be.

Defined by cult classics like the movie Kids, Zoo York culture heritage revolves around street principles that you can read around its informative style ads. Bringing the hip hop aesthetics to the table, ready to give it an “all access” functionality that skaters need in the city was no easy task and Zoo York carries such torch since 1993

It is now official that the brand is about to drop in Italian stores street ready apparel items crafted with care that will include such Death Shadow t-shirt. Screenprinted but with an embroidered outline of bright orange, this tee revolves around the classic camo / orange contrast but pay attention: it is a custom pattern. Look closely and you will see “unbreakable” written among camo bubbles.

Now go back to the above described scenario: no matter where you go in New York, to hang at the Cube with Harold or to chill with Stretch and Bobbito like Brian Brown showed in a quite epic ad, you will receive nothing but high fives of approval for such a timeless pattern revisited.

Think of wearing this tee with a vest and let our woven label on the sleeve do its job. It’s on every tee of the collection, just like we already saw on Big Roll Tee not long ago. I kindly invite you to wait a little bit more and this tee will be available in selected Italian skate shops through licensee Sem Manifatture.

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