Zoo York ● Drip Bomb Zipper hoodie

When I post a Zoo York item on my blog I get caught up in a whirlwind of memories. Around 2000 me and a few friends got to hang with Zoo York heads Jeff Pang, Antony Correa and Supa in Milan, but I also went to Rome with rookie Zooyorker Brian Brown and some other dudes. Did I ever tell you about meeting the team in Paris, partying on the same boat with Zered Bassett, Harold Hunter and RB Umali too? I couldn’t love more the universe that Zoo represents.

Its approach to skateboarding was so out of the ordinary since its start in 1993, taking the unwritten rules of how a skate company should be and completely re-writing them. Carrying the heritage of The Soul Artists of Zoo York, this brand incarnates a urban lifestyle where you may venture out of your home on a skateboard with a couple of markers and spraypaint bombs in your backpack, ready to leave your mark on the city. All this with the loudest beats in your headphones that push you to go further and do more.

Zoo York thanks to its licensee Sem Manifatture is now available again in Italy with a line of apparel where you have items functional to city life, ready to tell the world what gets you hyped.

Drip Bomb Zipper hoodie is… the bomb! With its graphic design focusing on sleeves, the body of this hoodie stays true to the original sportswear formula that wants a kangaroo pocket split in two by the zipper. With a woven label stitched on the chest and a custom Zoo York zip pull pull, this item has subtle details that make it stand out, beside its sleeves.

The spraycan on the sleeve is hard, with its display of different handwriting in graffiti style, a real streetwear subject. Not by accident this design was featured on ZooYorkIt Instagram a few days ago.

On the other sleeve there is a dripping Zoo tag, a further confirmation that this item is best worn with a sleeveless jacket. This tag is the same of the zipper pull and of the woven label stitched on the cuff.

The streets are watching: do your best to look good in the hood.

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Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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