Zoo York ● Dynamo Pant

I recently took a second to look at streetwear through new eyes. We could say that I looked at the big picture and beside single items and major trends, I noticed that a trend that is gaining momentum is unisex apparel. Blurring the lines among genres is something that in streetwear exists since day one. Women’s collection could not find space among the small collections designed by creative street related individuals, so as a matter of fact girls wore their boyfriend hoodies and tees.

This is why I looked at the items that still I haven’t posted and I wanted to put my vision to test: make a girl wear a pair of Zoo York pants designed with a man in mind.

Dynamo Pants are the result of a couple of unique inspirations that I feel like backing up. Take a sweatpant with its drawstring waist and elastic cuffs, add tonal cargo pockets made of satin and you have a never seen before item ready for the streets. To increase its utility appeal cargo pockets have branded bands (not visible here, considering that I shot a sample) for its closure that report Zoo claims “Zoo York Unbreakable From 93 til infinity”.

This is an item that you can wear to skate but even in a working environment and its unisex appeal is not apparent but, as you can see from these shots, extremely authentic. Its fit is slightly relaxed and its fleece is warm, ready to let you do your thing while you roll with no restrictions.

It’s a matter of evolution of the way we dress: our life involves many aspects and a pair of pants has to be ready to each and every of our passions. Satin pockets elevate the look of this garment while its comfort is vital in order to wear it all day long.

Available in most street / skate shops, Zoo York is your American dream come true: don’t miss the chance to witness firsthand what Italian licensee Sem Manifatture is capable of when it comes to this brand. Give a try to these Dynamo Pant but buy an L size or your girl will steal these from you…

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Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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