Zoo York ● Fear Nothing hoodie

New York rap lyrics of course have the tendency to celebrate the birthplace of hip hop. Think Queens underground phenomenon Ali Vegas with “Put some lead through snitches / I’m from the same home the Giants, Yankees, Mets and Knicks is” just like Fat Joe whose bars in Lean back went like “I don’t give a f___ about your faults or mishappens / N____, we from the Bronx, New York; sh_t happens“. We could go on with Rakim or Busta Rhymes: no Newyorker is loss for words when it comes to love for its city.

The above situation kind of reflects on this Fear Nothing hoodie. With a monochromatic print stating loud and clear that it is a Zoo York item, there is also an evident home turf love because it also says New York city. With the same logic of a rap track, here the graphics hit several topics avoiding to go deep on any of them.

The blend of several fonts gives strength to each and every claim of the brand. All these came along the way as mastermind Ocularge aka Eli Gesner made his concepts slide into the text of printed ads in magazines, during the 90s. I’m talking about “Practice Truth Fear Nothing” rather than “True East”.

Even Est. 93 made it to this design. If on one hand it says “Established in 1993”, let’s not forget that Zoo York skaters, along with a slew of others all had a part in a video called EST in 2000. In that case it was the acronym for “Eastern Standard Time”.

Last claim at the bottom is the Unbreakable that gives this hoodie a punk touch with a spider web (wait, isn’t Spiderman from New York?!).

It is the same unbreakable that represents the attitude of the brand to the fullest up to the point of ending up on the internal taping of tees and hoodies of Italian licensee Sem Manifatture. It is during this week that deliveries of Zoo York to skate shops are planned, so you may see this item around sooner than you think. Are you ready to represent True East properly?

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