Zoo York ● Pistol Hoodie

Street skating, streewear and street culture. These concepts sound very similar but they are different, yet tightly connected among them. Considering how Zoo York was born as a skate company, designs apparel for you to live every dimension of the streets and hides an awareness message in its proposal, the tight connection above mentioned is evident and this gives us food for thoughts.

Check this item, created for the act of skateboarding called Pistol hoodie. The awareness message related to it, go back to the end of the 70’s. You probably wear Dr Marteens boots these days, all your friends rock distressed denim pants ripped at the knees and at least one of them dyes his hair. Do you think this is fashion? Back then these were the basics of a sort of secret code to communicate an anti-establishment attitude, a way to say no to the system and its values through a disrupted image that refused to conform called punk.

Later on these were the foundations that allowed Public Enemy to become the leader that adopted that anti-establishment credo making it more appealing to a black audience through beats and scratches instead of drums patterns and guitar solos. The outcome is: even if stylistically very different, punk and hip hop come from discomfort of the young demographics demanding justice and a better future.

Now back to us, Zoo York was born from the streets and its philosophy is a byproduct of the rebellious attitude running in the veins of those adopting this brand as a vehicle to express their denial… with style.

So how about giving a current flip to the most famous punk logo? Sex Pistols collage style gets “sampled” for this purple hoodie and its Pistol name is just a confirmation of all the above. Add the timeless claims “Practice Truth / Fear Nothing” and “Unbreakable” that we found last season on Fear Nothing hoodie and your rebel factor is now completely making sense.

Designed and crafted by Zoo York Italian licensee Sem Manifatture, this hoodie is skateboarding ready: wash it after every session and its solid print won’t fade, (just like your rebellious attitude…). Minoia Board Co. has a very interesting Zoo York selection on its website, give it a check now!

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