Zoo York ● Rub Crewneck

I am thinking of the outrageous Zoo York spot with coakroaches “Spread the word” that came out in 2008. I find the methaphor extremely heavy in cultural content as graffiti stencils, skateboarding and a very personal creative approach come into play. So what is Zoo York? A urban element that society can’t get rid of, just like roaches.

You will keep on seeing wallride marks and waxed edges in the streets to state the existance of Zoo York street soldiers and there is definitely a dirty side rolling and falling in the streets but this Rub Crewneck is for your clean moments.

Art inspired or pop culture remix, you ask? It’s not easy to say as it seems like a tribute to Piet Mondrian in its Newyorker phase but at the same time Rub is short for Rubik Cube. Well wasn’t the Cube a Manhattan hang out spot of the OG Zoo skate crew in the 90’s? Aren’t skaters rolling around blocks in a neverending game? In a bigger scheme of art that inspires, Mondrian had his own Yves Saint Laurent show in 1965 and Zoo York borrowed the color palette from Erno Rubik toy for maximum visual impact.

This crewneck is one of my concepts for Zoo York Spring Summer 21 collection, brought to life by the skilled Sem Manifatture squad, that designed it following my indications. The Italian licensee of the brand belonging to Iconix portfolio, made its best to create a current fleece, maintaining Zoo York DNA intact. Let’s not forget that the brand originates from The Soul Artists of Zoo York, the art collective that created the name and this crewneck expresses love for art at its best.

I see a big potential in this item, as it may be the twist of color in a mature earth-toned outfit rather than something destined to a kid ready to overcharge it, rave style.

You have the best of both worlds: New York lifestyle represented on a made in Italy fleece. Just like coakroaches, it won’t be easy to get rid of this crewneck, as you will keep on wearing it over and over. Cop it at your local streetwear shop or online: Zoo York section of Bullshit Shop has a few hot deals up for grabs.

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