Zoo York ● Spray Drops

Welcome to the second installment of my Week Of Pants special, giving you the picture of what is hot now in the pant department of the best streetwear shops.

I am cheating a bit here, because this pant by Zoo York is not out yet, it is a preview from next Spring Summer season, and it will be out approximatively by the end of January, just like the Big Roll tee that I showed you not long ago.

Bringing back the origins of the brand, here the concept revolves around the Soul Artists of Zoo York, the graffiti collective that inspired the brand known since 1993 as Zoo York. Being a crew devoted to aerosol art, their hands were constantly handling spraycans that after a while inevitably… dripped paint on your clothes. So Zoo isn’t exactly celebrating Offset bars on Cardi B hit single with this pant: theirs is a drip from too many diamonds while this brings back OG principles that makes writing much important than bragging.

The intention here is very clear: to bring back the street into streetwear. Reading too many of the “established blogs” is bad for you, because you start to perceive that high fashion is street now. It is not: those were the guys that laughed at you ten or twenty years ago, thinking that skateboarders were dirty and far from elegant. Now not only high fashion is borrowing our fits for what concerns apparel and sneakers, but it is actually trying to convince you that it is the real deal.

Skateboarding is street, blogs like mine are street. I don’t need to do researches to explain you what Zoo York represents: I had in my car Jeff Pang, Todd Jordan and Brian Brown. I witnessed in front of me the finesse of a Newyorker that skates. I don’t need to peep videos of the Brooklyn Banks to understand what are those: I skated them.

Zoo York represents the original flavor of the skater that wants to feel good in its outfit, converting such pleasure in energy to land the illest tricks. Stay tuned with Sem Manifatture, the Italian licensee of Zoo York, until the new season and I will see you here tomorrow for the third pant of the week.

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