Zoo York ● Stretta di mano hoodie

You have no idea of how happy I am when I get to show you a preview and today is the case. Sometimes I have good connections with brands to a point that I get access to apparel that is not available yet. The hoodie that you see in these shots will be delivered to shops around next September with the FW20/21 delivery.

The squad that since 1993 is behind this brand to give you the ultimate urban apparel went the extra mile with Stretta Di Mano hoodie. There is a delicate balance among an overcharged design and its minimal trait, but it is the kind of subject that sums the essence of the skate brand born among Manhattan skyscrapers.

Conspiracy theories, Illuminati, Black Magic, combined with a diamond and a couple of skeletons become an obscure message surmounted by Stretta Di Mano Segreta written in Old English font. Blurring the line among old definitions such as metal, punk, tattoo, hip hop, Stretta di Mano hoodie is progressive in a way that just gets along with our times.

This is the kind of hieroglyphic that I love to decipher. Concepts that instill fear of the unknown together with hidden messages that push you to question everything are literally my favorites.

This Zoo York hoodie is ready to arise mistery around your character and most of all ready to make an impression because of its unique graphic style. Wear this to go at a live show (I hope this will be possible by September) just like you wear it to skate this newly discovered ledge.

Italian licensee Sem Manifatture brought the skate brand born in 1993 in New York City to a new level of excellence, adding a made in Italy craftsmanship that you can see in its details. Beside its regular fit, you have a doubled hood and an extra long cord. No kangaroo pocket, of course, in order to let the screenprinted graphics in full display steal the show. Everything is in its name, by the way: how cool is a secret handshake?!
Stay on your toes one more season but don’t forget that this Zoo York fleece will await for you (and your soul) in Italian skateshops next September.

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