Zoo York ● Yo! hoodie

This hoodie brings me back to 1993 like it was Doc’s car in Back to the Future. I was working in a chain department store whose main focus was DIY, gardening, painting and a bunch of other activities that humans invest their free time on to have a better life. This includes satellite TV and in the demo corner of that department there was a screen that I knew could give me shivers on any Saturday morning.

It was there that I made little escapes to watch Yo! MTV Raps. Take note that we are talking about a period where internet just started, there wasn’t any YouTube yet and cellphones were a privilege for wealthy people. There I could see the composed coolness of Fab 5 Freddy and the empathy that him and the Ed Lover / Dr Dre duo were able to create among rappers when they were invited to the show.

That was knowledge that had very limited access and I absorbed it like a sponge, being rap music something that I truly love. Beside the endless props that such show deserves, there is an aspect that needs an insight: Yo! MTV Raps logo.

It’s out of the question: MTV graphic designers were the best at the time. The economical power of Viacom was enough to make gravitate around its music channel the most progressive individuals in love with visual art. The logo of this tv show had to communicate that MTV spoke hip hop lingo and nothing better of a big yo with an exclamation mark could do that. To increase the street feeling, the dotted pattern around it slightly reminiscing of Roy Lichtenstein art, give it a contemporary pop art appeal, making the masterpiece complete.

Being Zoo York the brand that carries the torch of OG East Coast skateboarding, fueled by hip hop beasts from the jump, how could it not give to such icon its own twist and design Yo! hoodie?!

With its sponge inserts this item created by Italian licensee Sem Manifatture is rich both conceptually and production wise. An item that I don’t dare to suggest to anyone but only to those that are aware of their roots and culture. Be fly but don’t forget to show respect.

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