Zoo York x Souljah Griptape ● Joint t-shirt

Not long ago I showed you a t-shirt that was part of a collaboration capsule among Zoo York and Souljah Griptape. Here I am today to give you an update, with another item that belongs to the same capsule.

The first tee that we saw was Sean t-shirt whose inspiration was for connoisseurs that can feel the irony of that graphic tribute. Nowadays we focus on a logo driven t-shirt that is more essential graphic wise, ready to satisfy a different taste.

Skateboarders all have their “niche styles” nowadays. While everybody in Los Angeles wants clean looking sets of stairs and kinked rails like there is no tomorrow, New Yorkers prefer tight spots, cellar doors banks and architecture hard to conquer in general. It’s because of this that skaters these days express their preferences with secret dress codes: I dress in a way that makes it easy for you to identify me.

So who is a Zoo x Souljah type of skater? Basically someone lost in the 90’s New York hip hop, that loves to skate à la Barcelona state of mind: go tech or go home. With members of the Souljah crew like Flo, Luy Pa and Nassim Lachhab skating Macba on regular basis, it is mandatory to focus on OG tech style where the longest the line, the better the style, the wider is the smile.

This is the point that made the two brand connect: the love for skateboarding in urban landscapes, preferably with a soundtrack straight outta hip hop golden age.

This collaboration saw the light of day thanks to Zoo York It, whose licensee Sem Manifatture saw the potential of this operation but most of all, felt the power of authenticity of the Souljah squad. This is an item not easy to find but fortunately for you here I am to point out the right source to cop this Joint t-shirt. Browse Zoo York section on Minoia and you will be surprised by how many items are there, all ready to make you shine at your local skate spot. And you? What is the niche where you belong?

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