Zoo York x Souljah Griptape ● Sean tee

Posting a streetwear item is now a habit for me, it’s part of how I live, as you can see. Sometimes I have to collect informations in order to post an item, other times I can write about it without researches and today it is a typical case of the latter.

I am doing the social media thing for a while for Zoo York Italy. I made a positive impression with Italian licensee Sem Manifatture so he trust me to a point that the current Zoo York collection available in Italian shops now has been designed by yours truly together with a tight friend.

Having this chance I wanted the dear friend Flo Marfaing to get involved, so I made my best to realize this collaboration capsule among Zoo York and Flo Marfaing company: Souljah griptape.

The concept hit me during first lockdown and in a morning I created a few designs, ready to represent both brands to the fullest. I think you may know which original streetwear icon I am inspired by. If you do not know, I have no permission to explain here, sorry. Let’s just say that the OG design that I borrowed the scheme from followed the same exact plot: a tag, a few cities, a round logo and more cities.

Zoo York is legendary but don’t think that Souljah Griptape has to be taken lightly. The underground hype around this brand is real. The finest level of griptape (long lasting, perforated and lightweight, but still gripping properly) also owes its fame to its stellar team that includes from veteran Bastien Salabanzi to rookie pro Nassim Lachhab, beside the brothers from different mothers Flo and Luy Pa. How about the tech wizard from Sao Paulo called Alex Carolinho? More street technicians like Titi Gormit and our Italian amico Guido Zanotto are sponsored by Souljah, making its tean strong just like in the vision of the founder.

Time to get people puzzled with this wicked concept: give them a reason and make their turn their heads like “Wait a minute, what was that?!”. Hit them with a combination of skate skills and fly steez: you belong to a different breed.

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